Hagstrom Scandi

Vintage Hagstom Scandi Guitars for Sale

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Measures: 647.7mm.
Body and neck solid ash
Comfort profiled body
Polyester finish
World-patented H-Profile Expander/Stretcher in neck.
Solid Maple fretboard with several coats of polyester lacquer that has been high-gloss polished.
21 precision-grinded & polished nickel-silver frets.
SCHALLER precision tuners.
Three high-sensitive single-coil pickups.
Main on-off switch, (1).
Separate on-off switches for every pickup enables all imaginable pickup combinations, (2).
Separate tone-knobs for every pickup, (4), and a common volume-knob, (3).
Hagström precision bridge with individually adjustable string saddles.
Manufactured in: natural, cherry, sunburst & white.

Hagstrom Scandi
Hagstrom Scandi
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