Hagstrom Tremar Super Swede 3 x P90

New and Used Hagstrom Tremar Super Swede 3 x P90 Guitars for Sale

Hagstrom Tremar Super Swede Electric Guitar w/ 3 p90s Black 

The Tremar Super Swede P-90 was created to combine the familiar tones of a well recognized early single coil equipped double cutaway guitar, while combining it with the deeper and richer tones that only a single cutaway guitar can offer.

This machine is a perfect compliment for those searching for the “bestof both worlds”, as the Tremar Super Swede P-90 is a hybrid of both.While the pickups are specially designed to provide a “beefed up”boutique, single coil sound, the controls have been rearranged toprovide a familiarity for double cutaway players with a single mastervolume, and three separate tone controls for each pickup.

What was added to enable the player to achieve a variety of tones isthe 6-way rotary switch which provides the following pickup settings:

Neck + Middle
Middle + Bridge
Neck + Bridge

With the addition of the Tremar system, and the guitars 25.5″ scale length, double cutaway players will feel right at home with this single cutaway guitar, bringing them their favorite tones on tap, but providing a much deeper and detailed tone with much more sustain.

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