Hagstrom HJ-500

New and Used Hagstrom HJ-500 Guitars for Sale

Hagstrom Jazz Model HJ-500 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar - Cherry Sunburst NEW!

Hagstrom M07121203 Hj500 Hollow Body

Hagstrom HJ500BLK Gloss Black Jazz Full Hollow Body Electric Guitar

The Hagstrom Jazz Model HJ-500 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar features a contoured maple body and maple set neck. The Hagstrom patented H-Expander truss rod provides tension at either end and runs the entire length of the neck. The rigid yet lightweight alloy truss rod allows for very low action and a thin neck. Another Hagstrom exclusive, the resinator fretboard is an extraordinary, homogeneous wood composite that maintains a strong fundamental harmonic and eliminates wolf tones. It offers the articulate sound of high quality ebony but with more consistency and durability. Silky smooth, reliable, and fast. Two Hagstrom HJ-50 Humbucker, each with volume and tone, combined with the hollow-body resonance, give the HJ-500 incredible power and range of tone. The self-lubricating graphite composite nut is much harder than bone or plastic resulting in more string vibration through the neck. Tuning is also improved and string binding is eliminated by self-lubrication.

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