Brief History of Hagstrom Guitars

Hagstrom is a Swedish instrument company that started its life importing accordions from Germany in the 20’s and 30’s. In the 1950’s is when the company started building their fun and quirky guitar line that we all know and love. Hagstrom was one of the 1st companies to produce quality electric guitars outside of the USA to compete with Fender and Gibson, 1st in Europe then in the USA where in the late 60’s they had built themselves a cult following among musicians. Famous players of that era include the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Frank Zappa, Noel Redding (Bassist), Mike Rutherford of Genesis, Joe Walsh, ABBA and many others.

During the 70’s Hagstrom produced some very hi-quality electric guitar models like the Swede and Super Swede, but unfortunately by the early 80’s their market had dried up and they closed their doors in 1983 after a brief attempt at building some guitars in Japan.

In 2004 the company was revived and brought back many of the models that made them famous during the 60’s and 70’s. The modern incarnation of the Hagstrom guitar line is as popular as every because of their quality, affordability and their quirky Swedish design. Hagstrom guitars have carved themselves a quite unique niche in the international guitar market and will hopefully be producing fun and exciting instruments for many years to come.

Hagstrom Ultra Swede ESN trans red mahogany soft case NEAR MINT Les Paul SG

hagstrom tremar swede sweded tremar electric guitar hagstrom

Hagstrom Fantomen - Black Gloss - Used

2018 Hagstrom H-II Retroscape Aged Sky Blue

Hagstrom Retroscape Impala. Regular $1025.00

hagstrom super swede

2009 Hagstrom Ultra Swede Electric Guitar with Case

SALE! Hagstrom Ultra Swede ESN Electric Guitar 2019 Black Gloss NEW

1965 Hagstrom guitar 

1960's Hagstrom I 4-String Electrical Bass Guitar

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